Monday, September 21, 2009


Well I'm Kind of stuck on waves right now.

Part of the idea behind this piece has to do with how complexity and order can arise out of some very simple parameters. This piece started as points, each point carries a value which describes the distance between the rings and the final width of the ripple. The value of each intersection of ripple is the sum of the starting point value. Each of these intersections would in the next iteration be the value which then would decide the size and order of the next set of rings and starting points. As you can see this quickly turns into a dense and complex landscape of points and rings. I stopped before that point so that I could illustrate what for me is the more fascinating side effect of this process which is the order which develops along the rings themselves which is a fairly basic example of a interference array. What we find along each ring is another layer of order that being the spaces and gaps which break up the rings. Now if your as geeky as me you can start to see the opportunities that exist here for packing information here and with just a few starting points and values in the right context can create an unbelievably rich mathematical landscape, which is all anything else is really. So now you can see why when asked I am tempted to say "I'm kind of stuck on waves" and leave it at that.
The prints can be had here -James Leese

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