Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello T-Shirt

Its been a while but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I have been busy thought not here. In addition to the mourning of a death in the family and also a reunion of sorts. I have been working on my baskets diligently and will share them as soon as I've finished the images for them. One recent project which I am ready to share is a couple lines of t-shirts I've recently uploaded to Redbubble This post pic is an example of the work and it can be found here and check out the others I've posted as well. I'm also thinking about doing a shirt a day blog, I hope you've all been well and are ready to see more from me. James Leese

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring 4

Thats right its a picture! I hope you like it, I like it. I like it enough that I couldn't really care less how you feel about it, but you do like it right? Ah well its stuff is right here.

Vik Muniz On His Art And Creativity

I promise you won't regret taking the time to watch. In fact you will most likely be pretty glad you did, trust me.

Check Out This Awesome "Forest Urchin" Mini Munny!

Created By Kill Taupe using a Kidrobot mini Munny. I love his "wooden" mask, color and little bits of moss. He may just be my new all time mini Munny favorite. You can find him over here.

Morons Stare Into Infinity

Recursion turns a very obnoxious webcast into a moment of Reflection.

Another Beauty from Kim Asendorf

Originally uploaded by Kim Asendorf

Pretty sweet huh? I think so which is why I put it up. Kim's Flickr stream can be found here, and should provide you some enjoyment. So if your into that kind of thing check it out.

Bart Bonte's Factory Balls 3

I've wasted far too much time playing this today. As an industrial design major I really enjoy the process order, component of this game, and it does get hard, and it can be found here.

A Brief History Of Pretty Much Everything By Jamie Bell

Its like the Cliff notes of animated history, and its very funny.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am using this post as an opportunity to apologize for the lightness of posts this week, but I have a great excuse I discovered and and got sucked in but I promise to pull myself out as soon as I finish

Bubbo The Plus Size Toad

I want you all to know that its not as easy as you may think, to keep going to Etsy and finding the coolest monsters for you.  Some day's I don't feel like I will be able to find any thing new for you at all. So now you

Clifford Stoll's Acme Klein Bottles Where There's One Side To Every Problem

This is the advertisement for the Klein bottles from Cliff Stoll, which I mentioned about a few post ago (Clifford Stoll's TED talk post) Its as funny as he is and does a good job of reflecting the personality of this great thinker. Here is the disclaimer from his site Acme Klein Bottles -

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

test49 By Catfurnace

Originally uploaded by catfurnace
This is test49 created by Catfurnace This happens to be another piece from the Generated Art Group which didn't have to wait around for inclusion here on Steadfast. I want the T-shirt for this. Oh well, to see the rest of the artists photo stream click here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Incredibly Inspired Performance Of Sarah Jones At TED

I have admit that I had no idea who she was. I am now better for having seen this and I have to say I laughed my ass off. This is twenty minutes of tour de force comedic genius, enjoy.

Boxo107 And A Rant

I had someone try to tell me today that science was bad, modern medicine was bad, and that prayer is the only real way to be whole. She shut up after I told her that I would have died at seven if not for an 

A Random Chicken Moment

I was e-mailed this the other day by a friend. I have no idea of who took it. Where it was taken, or any thing else. If someone knows, let me in on it and I will update the post, but for now its just a very strange random

Anna And Her Amazing Antlers By Dkoss2

This little piece of awesome is named Anna judging by her bio She's one outgoing monster sure to please. I especially like the colors Dkoss2 chose for her. The green is a beautiful shade which compliments the pink

Dots Splitting And Shrinking Into A Foam Of Color

From the maker of Boxspin, Balls Here at Phun.

rand logs40 swr2000 774

Originally uploaded by frank richter
This is from an artist named Frank Richter. I really like it. I believe that it was originally text or a screen shot that was processed by frank into this. If I ever figure out the source material I will share it with you. He does happen to belong to the Generated Art Group on Flickr and his stream can be found here.

The Amazing Mind Of Clifford Stoll

This guy has long been a personal hero of mine who has managed to make huge contributions across a number of scientific fields, from topology to computer science, from education to physics (and Klein bottles) and the whole time being a great inspiration to scientists in all fields.

I will be posting on his Klein bottles shortly. I've been on kind of a kick you know.


I'm rolling out some new stuff and working on posts. Contemplating the fragility of evil, which may be its defining feature. With the fragility of man evil can consume, but in the end evil itself is destroyed through its own fragility. Any way here's this piece its very recent and can be found here.

Haeckels's Art-forms In Nature

I've Posted on this book before and when tempted again I just decided to put up all my favorites at once or at least the white on black pieces. So here they are. Their page at wiki Commons is here.

Klein Bottle Insanity

This is three nested Klein Bottles. Created by Alan Bennett With the apparent objective of making us insane. You can think of this object as a 3-D mobius strip, or three 3-D mobius strips and can be constructed with

Eye-stalk Friend, Well What Would You Name It?

Anyone who knows me knows I love eye-stalked tentacled monsters. What could be better? This guy was created by Hillyhill and is entirely needle felted by hand which I can imagine being a real pain the ass. The

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Beautiful Math Of Coral By Margaret Werthiem


This is one of the best TED talks ever given. Anyone with a love of math or biology or crafts or anyone at all even would love to hear this. This is the lady who with her sister are responsible for crocheting an entire coral


Originally uploaded by Gwen Vanhee
This piece is by the artist Gwen Vanhee. I really like how different the two halves are. I don't think I would have realized they were the same piece without having seen them together. We call that a diptych and this a very original and beautiful example of one. His photo stream is here. check it out, and his rock'n mullet.


Some new work for you. I actually had not intended to spend as much time as I did today rendering out work. I ties up my computer an awe-full lot but recently I've begun to become suspicious that my computer

Geek Dad The Book, And 10 Ways To A Geek Girls Heart!

I think Geek Dad is one of the best things that Wired has to offer and on may 4th the long awaited book will be available. Today at the Geek Dad blog was an timely article on winning the heart of a geek girl, something

Cyclops Bunny!

Yes its another one of Stringfellowart's wonderful monster bunnies. I actually know two people who are collecting these guy's, and I get told how much I would love them. I say, well you did find them on my blog

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This the piece which graced the title box for the last month and now it is here as a post. So what do you think? Its things are right here. Its been a slow day around here. Just how Sunday should be.