Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello T-Shirt

Its been a while but I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I have been busy thought not here. In addition to the mourning of a death in the family and also a reunion of sorts. I have been working on my baskets diligently and will share them as soon as I've finished the images for them. One recent project which I am ready to share is a couple lines of t-shirts I've recently uploaded to Redbubble This post pic is an example of the work and it can be found here and check out the others I've posted as well. I'm also thinking about doing a shirt a day blog, I hope you've all been well and are ready to see more from me. James Leese


  1. How are your baskets going? I know it was 2010 when you last posted on here, but I am interested in knowing more about your current artwork in production.


    1. The short story is I have a 2 yr old daughter now who takes up my non work time I have a few I have not posted about and I am about to start my largest basket to date I will let you know when its done. Thanks for asking -James


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