Friday, October 2, 2009


This recent work in rectilinear forms is actually an old obsession and not a new one as it may seem. The recent spate is all due to some recent insights into memory storage and the concept of the holographic mind which would seem to reduce our thoughts to a collection of energy fields generated from the data stored in our neurons. Now the thing I'm wondering is what that information looks like in its flat pregenerated form, granted this would be a constantly changing image based upon our present thoughts. The straight line from one thought to another as it's traveled will necessarily lead you thought the intermediary thoughts which occupy that space the only reason this is not obvious seems to be the very fact that each thought we have changes the entire map though subtlety but the implications of a model like this becomes profound when the constantly changing map allows you to make brand new associations and find new patterns in old data. This is the only way we really learn anything anyway. In some small way every discovery and thought has the potential to change us and allow us to grow. To be better prepared for reality as it is. I'm still looking for the map. James Leese

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  1. James, we need to have more conversations like this at work. I love this writing.


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