Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why no Rectilinear Calendar yet?

I know I said it would be done by now and that it was actually available on Redbubble for almost two days but then vanished. The reason is a good one two of the images contained within it have been licenced to PI Creative Arts. The publisher of the black and white images on the right sidebar. They also asked if they could have pairs to the ones they chose. So I sent back the pair to the one I had already created for one of them and sent back about six possible choices for the the other one and they decided to take four from that series for a total of six pieces. Which was nice, but now I must find suitable replacements for them for the calendar. As soon as they get them up I will provide links for them. I hope this clears up any questions, while the rectilinear calendar is momentarily unavailable there are still two great Calendars available on Redbubble, and I have to say if you need two Calendars these are the ones, how many people really need three Calendars anyway and its not like their che... I should Stop there. Enjoy the Calendars.          
                                                                                                                    James Leese


  1. maybe this is the calender I am waiting for...

  2. Nope its a different Calendar from the one you got Ms. Undertaker, or will get soon, it is coming all the way from Australia. How soon are you making your way to this coast? James


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