Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clifford Stoll's Acme Klein Bottles Where There's One Side To Every Problem

This is the advertisement for the Klein bottles from Cliff Stoll, which I mentioned about a few post ago (Clifford Stoll's TED talk post) Its as funny as he is and does a good job of reflecting the personality of this great thinker. Here is the disclaimer from his site Acme Klein Bottles -

"WARNING! Acme constructs each Klein Bottle from genuine Baryonic matter. Do not allow your Acme Klein Bottle to come in contact with antimatter or unpredictable results may occur. Acme cannot guarantee the dimensionality of the result.
-Although originating in the 4th dimension, Acme Klein Bottles are immersed (not embedded) in 3 dimensions, using special techniques known to students of advanced topology. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to evade the Pauli Exclusion Principle.
-We construct our glass Acme Klein Bottles from materials which resist both oxidation and reduction. However, certain agents -- such as hydrofluoric acid and potassium hydroxide -- may etch the surface of your borosilicate manifold. For best results, avoid doing stupid things.
-What with the decay of protons, Acme recognizes that our products have a finite lifetime and may not outlast your physical universe. If your application demands constant uninterrupted ceaseless unremitting everlasting endless eternal persistent perpetual permanent existence, please contact a qualified quantum mechanic.
-A Klein Bottle has zero volume, so we suggest that you do not use it as a personal flotation device. No user-serviceable parts inside".

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