Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bubbo The Plus Size Toad

I want you all to know that its not as easy as you may think, to keep going to Etsy and finding the coolest monsters for you.  Some day's I don't feel like I will be able to find any thing new for you at all. So now you
and can see why I was so glad when I finally came across this little guy. He might not have been born a monster but his appetites sure did the trick. So here for you viewing pleasure is Bubbo who I believe to be a toad. A very hungry toad who who loves to stuff himself and in fact he is stuffed. So full he can't keep his tongue in his mouth. He was created by Mariska and can be found here.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful creation.
    I love him greatly. This is inspiring.

  2. I Think its truly great. All of Mariska's stuff seems to nail various archetypes of the self. Which kind of makes them nonrepresentational self portraits. You'd have to have something wrong to not feel personally about her work, We see ourselves in them... Well at least I do.
    I'm trying to gather the toys we should have had when we were young. Thank you for seeing what I'm looking at.

  3. what a cute monster, I love it!!!
    I love it!


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