Monday, February 8, 2010

Geek Dad The Book, And 10 Ways To A Geek Girls Heart!

I think Geek Dad is one of the best things that Wired has to offer and on may 4th the long awaited book will be available. Today at the Geek Dad blog was an timely article on winning the heart of a geek girl, something
that I will be taking notes on.

"If you’re a geeky guy looking to romance a geeky girl, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been with her forever or if she’s a new interest; realize that conventional romantic overtures won’t always work. Flowers can be construed as boring, since they’ll just die. Chocolates are tasty, but tend to add to our figures. Cards are nice, but unless you’ve written in a fair amount of your own content, they seem like a cop out. For geeky girls, think outside the box. Do something that will pique our interest, engage our minds. Here is a starter list of things to win (or keep) our hearts. Girls, add more ideas in the comments. Guys, list some things that have worked for you!" The rest of the article and the actual list can be found here.

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