Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aboriginal Folklore Aids In The Discovery Of Craters!

This is a very cool story wherein dream time folklore is used to discover a crater. Anyone who follows the Thunderblogs will have recognized the theme. Which is one where mythology is used to describe ancient: (prehistorical in some cases) events of cosmic (literally) proportions.

"One story, from the folklore of the Arrernte people, is about a star falling to Earth at a site called Puka. This led to a search on Google Maps of Palm Valley, about 130 km southwest of Alice Springs. Here Hamacher discovered what looked like a crater, which he confirmed with surveys in the field in September 2009."

Full story Is Here at Cosmos Magazine , and the Thunderblogs are here, if your interested in more examples of mythology as cosmic history. It is actually one of my favorite sites.

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