Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Unsettling Case Of David Fratus

I first came across this letter many years ago on Donna Kossy's Kooks site and devoured the whole thing in a night, I have to say it was time well spent. The site is described by its creator as
""THE FREEZE-DRIED KOOKS MUSEUM". Open for all time and eternity, ceaseless, all-knowing and
 unchanging". The description was only made the more true when it was relegated to the Web Archive. The site contains a collection of essays on a number of kooks and it has to be one of the most fascinating places on the web for those who love the bizarre. Its like the Mutter museum of the brain.

The case of David Fratus starts with a letter that would be easily dismissed as the product of a disturbed mind. If not for the fact that the its so well written and in itself rational. I have often wondered about what became of him but my own searches have thus far failed. below is an excerpt from the letter in question and If anyone knows anything more on the subject please let me know.

"I am currently involved in a crisis of a bizarre nature which I'm sure will be of utmost interest, providing you can find credence in what I relate and not summarily dismiss me as being a fantasy-stricken space case.
I'm being subjected to some type of remote control electronic brain punishment, in severity nothing less than outright torture, and the technology being utilized to execute this questionable action is not only highly specialized and sophisticated, but causes me to wonder whether knowledgeable authorities are even aware that a device of this nature exists. The credentials I can offer as to the veracity of these allegations are slim and none. I'm standing in a bad light to begin with, as I am a 38 year old inmate serving a 1 to 15 year sentence for 2nd degree burglary at the Utah State Prison, and the information contained within is in regard to my substantial problems with prison officials who would gladly have it believed that my word merits no credibility whatsoever. They have, in fact, gone to extreme lengths to insure that such is the case, and you will presently understand why. I have never been afflicted with psychological disorders of any kind, and am not given to fabricating stories with which to bother busy people or cause unnecessary commotion. I'm a convicted thief, not a liar".
  The whole letter can be found here
The link to the kooks Museum can be found here

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