Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Igor Siwanowicz's Got Bugs

Amazing high resolution bugs! that will blow your mind. Here is his gallery link where you can view hundreds of pictures of his work. I was reminded of him by coming across a site that had 60 pictures (and misspelled his
name) and I thought I can give my readers a little more. So here it is, his page. Its the kind of thing that people who write little things like this don't usually give up, don't finally release their fingers from around until they are long irrelevant. A lot of of people might even try to get out of the implied obligation proposed in the first part of this post. People who might even say now that maybe I was in some way of meandering or in some sense try to delay what I'm about to do. I would say to those people that are are completely mistaken, about this. I just feel that something like this has to be taken slowly, and calmly. Without haste, You don't just jump into something like this. In fact you probably wouldn't like it any way so I've got a great next post that you'll all really like, fine crap! here it is. Igor Siwanowicz' Gallery

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