Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bronnikov Bone Watch 1865

I have been a fan of this watch since I first saw it, at Watchismo of course. The springs and pivots are the only parts not carved from bone. The Bronnikov bone and wood watches were created and produced at a rate of
about one a month over three generations of the family. About 500 were made of which only 250 remain. They were owned by czars and kings and cost more than their gold counterparts. Follow the link to Watchismo to learn a lot more about these amazing timepieces.


  1. Thanks Annie! check back in a week I'm gonna do some skeleton watches that I think you'll like. Do you still have that watch chain?

  2. Somewhere! It broke at some point and I can't remember if I got it fixed or not, but it's in a box somewhere in this house.

  3. Glad to know its out there somewhere. I'll bug you about it next time I'm in town

  4. I am trying to get my work shown in boulder somewhere in the next couple months. I'll let you know.


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