Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogger Is Broken Once Again

For the last four days when I push that good ol next Blog button to my dismay I find myself staring at one of two Blogs and when I push it again I just get the other one. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against these
two blogs (I even follow them now, mostly because at one of my less rational moments I thought it may let me free if I did) no such luck. I am about to get rid of that damn bar. When I go to other Blogs which I intentionally visit through my Google Reader and have pushed the button from the other Blogs I get two new blogs but just like from my own Blog I only get to rotate between the three sites (The one I go to in reader and the two Blogs that It is cursed with viewing endlessly like myself) So I know that its not just happening to me. The other reason is that I've seen a post in one of the two Blogs where one of the most self involved "My" shit don't stink kind of ladies thanks the world for her 4,000 visits from yesterday even though she is fully, Mostly aware that there is a major &$%-up, as all of her traffic has come solely from her blogger bar... well I feel a little better now. Is this happening to you as well?

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