Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Devil And Mister O, All Here, All For You!

The Devil and Mister O was a syndicated radio program from the seventies but it's content was from the 1940's "Arch Oblers Lights Out" the commercials were new but that was all. In total there were twenty six

episodes which kind of made it a best of compilation and for your listening pleasure, they are all right here. Thanks to the power of the Internet Archive a truly inexhaustible source for entertainment. So sit back and listen or open a window and continue your surfing while listening. I have had these on my own computer for a long time and out of my whole collection of Old Time Radio mostly being Horror and Science Fiction it is the only series I can't fall asleep to while listening to, its just way too creepy. If you choose to Download these for yourself they are here
 from the site.
"With its premiere on the nationwide NBC hookup in 1935, Lights Out was billed "the ultimate in horror." Never had such sounds been heard on the air. Heads rolled, bones were crushed, people fell from great heights and splattered wetly on pavement. There were garrotings, choking, heads split by cleavers, and, to a critic at Radio Guide, "the most monstrous of all sounds, human flesh being eaten." Few shows had ever combined the talents of actors and imaginative writers so well with the graphic art of the sound technician"

1 Alley Cat

2 Neanderthal

3 Revolt Of The Worms

4 Where Are You?

5 Mr. Freak

6 Gravestone

7 Ancestor

8 Nature Study

9 Big Mr. Little

10 No Escape

11 Vacation With Death

12 The Hole

13 Live Forever

14 Going Down

15 Balance Sheet

16 The House Is Haunted

17 Official Killer

18 The Hungry One

19 Three Thousand Dollars

20 The Chest

21 Paris Macabre

22 Rocket From Manhatten

23 Hollywood Visitor

24 Cemetary

25 Speed

26 Shrinking People

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