Monday, January 25, 2010

AudiOdyssey- A Video Game I Suck At

AudiOdyssey is a game which was created by the tech labs at MIT to level the video game playing field for the blind. I've been struggling at this game for like a year now, and the whole plan was, I get good at it. Then
show it to my visually impaired friends, and kick their butts. This is a year where I've discovered I have no natural rhythm. So I quit, you can have it now. I'll even be available to get my ass kicked, just let me know when and where. AudiOdyssey can be found here.


  1. Sorry you had trouble with the game! It's true, matching the rhythm is a bit hard. Try hitting the buttons (or swinging the Wiimote) a bit earlier so that it is actually on the beat instead of immediately afterwards, that should help.

    Thanks for giving it a shot and review!

    - Eitan (game developer)

  2. Thanks Eitan, for the comment. I've been playing this on the computer but I do look forward to trying the Wii version, and I can see how it would be more physically intuitive. Thanks for a great game.


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