Monday, January 25, 2010

"Gage" At This Moment Is The Greatest Thing There Is!

Gage is pretty great, and I knew people loved Millie so I had to introduce him to you. Gage and Millie are both from a species called Chimians, apparently. The maker- Morninglori has a whole mythology around
these guy's which begins with the Legend of the Chimians-
"Chime was a fertile and prosperous land, filled with creatures as diverse as the imagination can conjure. Since the beginning of time all Chimians had coexisted in flawless harmony, each performing, without question, the duties they were most perfectly suited for. And, as it happened, the duties they were most perfectly suited for were the very things they enjoyed the most. In this manner the Chimians had carried on for as long as any could recall, until… the Explorers came." the rest of the story and Gage himself can be found here.

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