Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Richat Structure, Strangest Land Feature On Earth

Whats fifty kilometers wide, a giant spiral and only visable from space? well I guess I gave it away already . A really inexplicable feature that is strange enough to generate its...
own widely varied theories as to how it got there. Some believe it to be the result of a meteorite, though that explaination seems to leave out the fact that that it would make it the only known example of a mereor crater floor whith concentric rings or a spiral in it. Another explaination it that it is a raised circular anticline (dome similar to the salt deposits widely mined around the world). Though that doesn't explain the spirals or the alternating composition. This feature is a favorite landmark of the astronauts. Its that big. Whenever I find a something like this I just chalk up to aliens, its easier that way. So good job aliens you got me I have know Idea what it really is or how its really made. Its the true crap like this can really make someone nuts.
the pic was lifted from NASA btw.

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