Friday, December 11, 2009

The Ashville Connection Has A Psychic Firewall And Thinks Your Children Are Stupid

At first I was amused by the Helter Skelter design philosophy. I was finding it pretty nuts, but then I saw Mackys Teen Club and couldn't help myself. I found a page that was apparently psychic because It carried the warning "Warning: If you are under 13 years old and you try to enter the teen club your IP address will be captured and you will be reported!"
 what, is it magical software? or are the children in Ashville all real soft in the head? I decided that I would be generous and say hey they must have the most amazing web security ever and I continued scrolling down. Under the warning there is a field for your child's name. It then asks for their email address then their birthday. Which starts to seem a little much for the ashville connection to be asking of my or any ones child. They then ask you to solve a captcha, which might seem like a security procedure but the illusion of security all falls apart when you just go ahead and push the button which says "Registerd already Click Here" (their spelling not mine) I would have used a u, you find that all of a sudden there you are in the teen area just like that. My suspicion is its the grown ups who are stupid and I'm sure all the teens are real embarrassed by them, and from the pictures of the ashville families I can tell the teens are in fact very embarrassed by their folks. Some things never change. If after all that you still want to see for your self it is here.

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