Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Blogging Foul, The False Start

First off in the spirit of transparency. I must confess that the last couple of posts have been edited in gmail. I recently had a computational catastrophe of William Gibson like proportions. a few hours later it left me forced to carry out a non destructive restore. Which as we know is not so non destructive if your a application which requires a registration key.
 I have been reinstalling as I've needed them since, and although the box for my copy of Word is about, Well, lets say arms length, from me right now, and now. I'm realizing that I have in fact spent way more energy just in the last minute complaining about it than I would have expended in reaching for it. This isn't even what I meant to post about even. It was just supposed to be a plithy forward to my ramblings on Art Publishing and now its all fallen apart. Well I think I'm going to go get some coffee before I really start.

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