Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cliff Pickover's Math Book Half Price On Amazon

Martin Gardner, author of The Colossal Book of Mathematics Said
"Clifford Pickover, prolific writer and undisputed polymath, has put together a marvelous reference work. Its 250 short entries provide a veritable history of mathematics by focusing on its greatest theorems and the geniuses who discovered them. Topics are chronological, starting with the calculating abilities of ants 150 million years B.C. and...
ending with Max Tegmark's recent conjecture that our universe is not just described by math, it ismathematics. Dr. Pickover's vast love of math, and his awe before its mysteries, permeates every page of this beautiful volume. The illustrations alone are worth the book's price."

I have waited a long time for this book and can't wait to cut my teeth on it. Look here for more info on the book. I would have written something on my own but once I looked here I really felt why bother Here's a link to The authors blog/site/hobby The Reality Carnival and here's the link to Amazon if your so inclined

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