Monday, December 28, 2009

A Problem For Blogger

Everyone who blogs tries to do what they can to gain more readers and you would think that the host for your blog is also doing what it can can to bring you more readers. They often try to convince us to pay for services which attempt to provide that. Heres the bomb, I believe that blogger is not doing all that they can for their paying customers...
The reason I say this is that often when at a loss as to what to accomplish at the desk. I find myself clicking the Next Blog button which sits atop the page (is it tacky to have that bar?). Instead of seeing a blog at random from the many thousand that there are I am confronted with the same blogs which I have seen a thousand times over and over again. Now I assume that as a result of my having seen the blog again and again that the blogger is being led to think that I have intended to see it again and maybe even that each of my many viewings were by different people entirely. Another thing I wonder is if those same bloggers realize the inflation which is happening to their Bounce rate, (the percentage of people who immediately leave after arriving on their blog). Often because they have seen it come up so many times before that even if its a blog they enjoy they will leave, I do. As long as these problems are so apparent, I will not be among those paying for bloggers referral service. I mean come on, we live in the future. There is no reason they shouldn't be able to make sure that after say, bouncing past the same site a hundred times that I would not have to see it again, for at least a while at least for that day?. It seems like such a small thing which could raise the overall quality of blogger greatly. I haven't even gone over the benefits of this kind of system,o look forward to it where i will continue this rant later. James

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