Monday, December 14, 2009

The Cog - The Greatest Commercial Ever Made

First off, I know many have seen this by now but the other day I was with group of folks and none of them had. So Its mainly for them, that I heft this upon you all and I swear that I will never put this up again. I Have been a fan of this film for a long time and the reasons are many, first it all really happened everything you see was done.
 There were over six hundred takes and only one edit, not because they screwed up but that the studio was only large enough for half of it a time. It was made from a couple of handmade preproduction accords. (there were only six) At two minutes long it has never been shown on the tube here in the states. Its an incredible work of art, appreciated by everyone who have seen it. Its incuded in The Making of film. Which for some minor miracle (all tremble before Atheismo) I am just seeing this myself for the first time and I at this moment I have no idea (other than this being the making of video and I have seen the commercial at least ten times) what we are going to be seeing here.

Well I hope that was great! Now onto something which I know is great and that is The Missing Cog a parody which always makes me laugh, and once at school a girl said it made her pee, just a little.

And now for the least needed to watch of the quartet. This is really only for those most absolute in their geekness,and i have to say I myself needed two tries to get it down but in the nature of completeness I will post it as well cause there's nothing like ending on a dud.

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