Saturday, December 5, 2009

s31415 is really Samuel Monnier!!

Originally uploaded by s31415

Alright read slower if you get confused this piece was created by a flickr user named s31415 (Capitalize?) who creates some very amazing things which are all examples of generated or algorithm created art. the title of the is piece 20090313-tpat1 (see other people other me have screwed up arbitrary names) That's right s31415 is really Samuel Monnier who's own site, which is also primary evidence, can be found here at
and here at
Your busted Samuel, see the evidence for yourself and you will finally see why you've never seen them both at the same time and why him getting jealous over that girl who was dating him both at the same time suddenly seems even more crazy.


  1. Yes indeed, they are both me... :) Thanks for the blog feature!

  2. Thanks for joining my site and congratulations on Your cool blog!
    Best wishes!


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