Sunday, December 13, 2009

Updated! How Is This Done? Chinese Carved Leaves

Awesome, but how did you do it? I was directed to this item and am amazed yet there is a very strong WTF yanking at the back of my mind which only grows the more I've looked into it. Ostensibly these are said to be the result of hand carving. I kind think that this is either done with a printing process or we're looking at a massive human rights violation here, kidding (kind of).
 The hand carving issue is a hard one to believe based on the shear number of items which seem be out there. Also the same designs are everywhere. I then looked into the claim that this is a very old Chinese folk art tradition and I could be wrong (please bring it to my attention if you know) but I could find no proof that this in fact is true. So where are we at with this? I kind of feel that if this was in-fact a traditional folk art. they would go for a whole lot more than the great price of 24.99 and that there would be more designs than the 12 or so I have seen on numerous sites. Also the designs available would not be so clearly westernised as they are.

That said it would definitely have a considerable WTF factor going for it as a gift given, and a fairly cheap one too. Which is always good. You just don't really want to be around when they start wondering how it was made. They are here

Update: this is the forum thread which The Undertaker dug up while researching the subject. I have to say I can't see how simple carving could take up 60 steps in a process. and it sounds to me like this is certainly a printmaking process (there are no monks with ex-acto knives being forced to carve leaves) Thank you Undertaker!

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  1. seriously...WTF? $25 for a leaf!?
    I've got insomnia and I spent an hour in the wee early morning looking for any info on this.. i only found this discussion.
    seriously? would you pay more than $25 for a leaf? even if it was some ancient Chinese secret?


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