Thursday, December 10, 2009

Severed Right Feet Mystery Solved?

A really strange phenomenon which I have been following casually for the last few years, has been the string of severed right feet washing up periodically in British Columbia. Always right feet and always in a sneaker. I've heard many peoples explanation for this and they are all pretty weak. Some are down right conspiracy theories okay most of them are.
 Minds will wander on a subject like this and mine has as well and I think I have the answer. The evidence which I came across, came in an episode of Wired Science The episode was titled Fired Up and can be watched online here. One of the segments was about a retired Oceanographer named Curtis Ebbsmeyer and the eureka moment was when he plainly states that left shoes get steered one way and right shoes get steered another and that some beaches collect one type of flotsam or another. The ocean seems to do a good job of sorting by shape and the conclusion would seem to be that the reason that right feet in sneakers wash up on beaches in British Columbia is for the simple fact that they are right feet in sneakers and its as simple as that. A couple articles on the subject can be found here and here.
photo by National Geographic

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