Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Ninth Of December

Today while in Santa Rosa, I ate a prickly pear right off the cactus. It was delicious. The first time I visited, while I was standing under a very old large oak tree I discovered nearly a pound of Black Truffles all in a clump. I always seem to find something good to eat growing around there.
Once I got home I continued the recovery process of my computer
 and its led me to thinking about how robust even a crappy computer is these days I can still remember nights fighting with my Kaypro 2 suitcase computer when I was supposed to be sleeping. You know the first "portable" personal computer? All of its robustness was on the outside. This was when you could actually screw up your entire system accidentally. With just a few keys pressed in the wrong order, you could have a very serious problem. this was even before the blue screen of death. Come to think of it I can't tell you the last time I've even seen the blue screen of death but it gives me the willies just thinking about it.
As far as the blog goes most of the work I've done in the last day has been on the replacement of pictures with larger versions and tying them to their redbubble pages, tedious.
Well so that was a bit rambling but not every post can be pithy, alright.

p.s. if you think your over the horror of the blue screen of death, I dare you to turn off all the lights and say blue screen of death three times to your computer. I bet you can't.

p.s.s. and to all you kids out there floppy disks were called such because They were actually floppy, no really, this is true, ask your parents. They can also tell you that phones actually once hung on something. Thus "hang up the phone" Its crazy but its true.

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