Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goat Fail The Yermit Is Mine!

While browsing the wares of some of my favorite plush toy designers I came across this great little gem considered by her creator to be flawed. I disagree, it is beautiful because its a fail. Only a failure can reveal the highest aspirations of its maker. I propose that everyone who creates has to in a small way enjoy the moment of failure....
It allows us to continue in spite of them. A fail can be freeing, it can allow you to quickly move on to whats next. A fail can be entertaining, few things are funnier than something gone horribly wrong, and in art; rarely is someone hurt. I learn more from my failures than I do from my successes. Generally I get to keep the failures I create but in the case of Goat fail, the maker offered her up to an accepting home. I offered mine and I am proud to say that she will be coming to live with me all the way from Canada as a gift. Thank You Jenny of the Yermits she will feel right at home with my own failures, ouch. James

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